Replica Fighters Afficionados

The RFA provides accurate up to date information on some very neat aviation projects going on around the nation. Replica Fighters are 1:1 models of historic aircraft with a special focus on the WWII era of aircraft. However, some of the other aircraft we have been a part of have been non-military focused. The true purpose of our funding and project is the continuance aviation history in the form of these very special aircraft. The ability to fly interests nearly all of mankind unanimously and we hope that we can connect the citizens of today to their ancestors using this interest.

Our Process
The RFA has many projects in our minds and many skilled hands wanting to build them. The volounteers with the RFA seek out and find active enthusiasts who construct aircraft. Many times, they will have blueprints or other layouts already in motion and just need the funding to follow through with the project. At RFA we take advantage of these creative engineers and just help them connect the dots. Our volounteers conntect the engineer with a corporate sponsor to allow them to fund the completion of their replica while allowing corporate marketing on the body of the aircraft, during the unveiling, and if a museum takes the piece the aircraft is permanently credited to both the builder and the company.

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At the RFA, our mission is to connect dreamers with dollars. We are working with projects all over the country to arrange continuity of aviation history. Here is our shortlist of major production plans sorted by location: