Current Projects

A6M2 Zero

Requested Price: $150'000
Requested Time: 2 Years

Paul Neel from Ohio, United States has requested $150'000 for the construction of a functioning replica Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Fighter from the WWII era. A short history on the zero is almost unnecessary as nearly anyone involed in aviation knows its infamous history. During the opening and middle phases of WWII, the A6M2 Type "0" aka the Zero, was able to out maneuver the Allied fighters signifigantly resulting in a 12:1 dogfighting capability. This superiority lasted well into the 1940's until the Japanese found themselves unable to innovate new aircraft and because of this they eventually lost the edge against the American and British Jet engines. The Zero is still a massive piece of history and we have the option of completing construction on one if we can get a corporate sponser for the project.

P51 Mustang

Requested Price: $50'000
Requested Time: 2 Years

Anna Green from Ney Jersey, United States has requested $50'000 for the restoration of a functioning replica P51 Mustang from the Korean War era that she has already purchase. The P51 is mostly known for its dogfighting capability during the WWII Japanese push, however, the Americans continued to use a modified version of this craft through the 80's with heavy use in Korea. The original models were a counter to the Japanese Zero, however this included not needing high altitude capabilities. The British made an adjustment by addimg a high powered "Merlin" Engine which completely changed the aircraft role. With the advent of Jet Engines, the P51 lost its frontline role but found itself in a tactical position going into Korea. It could fly high or low, delivering precise payloads or long distance reconaissance with relative ease.

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