Sponsor a Plane

The Replica Fighters rely on corporates in the aviation community to give back to the community that provides their livelyhood. There are usually 2 projects in production and over 50 ideas on the table so we are always in need of sponsors. RFA has seen tons of private donations, has been benefitted by several charitable organizations, but mostly relies on the corporate donations. Our organization has seen most of the major players of the aviation industry use us to get a new replica for their office complex or museum. Unfortunately, legal has advised us not to list these businesses publicly without their expressed consent.

Benefits of a Sponsor
Being a sponsor offers both community and personnal benefits and we offer projects to help regardless of what your goals are. Our first package includes the ability to have a replica made for your company. This requires a 100% Sponsorship of the aircraft in question as well as a set of benefits to provide the mover behind the plane. This grants you full ownership of the functioning replica to be used exactly as you need while also farthering aviation history. A second package is a lease package. This requires a 75% outright sponsorship of the part cost alone. After construction the plane will be leased to you for your use for 3 years before being returned to the mover. Also, the plane will permanently carry your logo and any public use of the plane will require a mention of the donor. A third package is a corporate sponsorship of an aircraft. A group of 3 companies vetting 40% , 35% and 25% of the cost will each have a sponsorship. This includes logo placement, company mention, and 3,2, or 1 uses(s) of the aircraft for a corporate event depending on amount sponsored.

Contact us for sponsor opportunities or read a short bio on our projects